Jetpackkratom Enhanced Leaf 15gr

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  • 15gr Enhanced Leaf
  • Enriched Maeng Da
  • Easy to dose
  • Recommended dose: 1-2 gram

Already very well known and popular, Maeng Da does not need any introduction to the Kratom world.

'Ultra Enhanced', what does that mean? This term is very commonly used to describe plain Kratom leaf that is made stronger by infusing it with a much more concentrated form of kratom extract that is made from the same type of leaf.

There are many well known Ultra Enhanced leaf products on the market today, the most well known of these being the UEI, Ultra Enhanced Indo or the UEB, Ultra Enhanced Bali. We have researched that most of these products available on the market contain between 50mg to 60mg of Mitragynine per gram.

A package of 15 gram Enhanced Leaf contains 12,6 gram Maeng Da Leaf and 2,4 gram 45% kratom extract. The whole bag contains 1200mg Mitragynine

The recommended dose is 1 to 2 grams. You can take the leaf how you prefer it, whatever works the best for you! The effects will come on with 30 minutes to one hour after use. And will last for 5 till 6 hours. 

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