Jetpackkratom: Chai Tea (10 tea bags)

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Jetpackkratom: Chai Tea-10-teabags
  • All natural energizer
  • 65 mg mitragynine per teabag
  • Pre-dosed, easy to use
  • Perfect for at work


This tea will get you trough your day! Infused with 65mg mitragynine per teabag (4 gram), this tea is perfect for those who love kratom but want to try something else. The warmth of the tea and the effects of mitragynine are a match made in the universe!
This robust, full-bodied black tea is blended with aromatic spices. The rose petals provide a light floral taste with a slightly tangy flavor.
Just take a teabag or the amount of tea to your preference. Add boiled water and steep for 3-5 minutes. We recommend to use one teabag multiple times for the best experience.


Black Tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Glove, Black Pepper, Cardamon, Rose Petal, Liquorice Root
One teabag/ 4 gram tea contains 65mg mitragynine.


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